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The Mobex® Power Truck™ Series provides a mobilized pallet racking system designed for heavier loads.  No need to worry about emptying your shelves as our Power Truck™ system is made to handle racks already loaded with your stock.  Check out our video to the right to get a better picture of what Mobex® can do for you and your company. With Mobex® Power Truck™ solutions warehouse racking mobilization becomes as simple as one, two, three.


 Warehouse Racking Mobilization





Power Truck™ Series

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At MOBEX® our mission is simple.

Our goal is to be the leading provider of the “Next Generation’ of fixture and gondola mobilization solutions.

  • Easy-to-Use and Reliable Equipment for all types of Fixture Installation and Gondola Mobilization
  • Integrated – ONE Client, ONE Solution Tailored to the Customers Needs
  • Unrivaled Service & Knowledge – Making the Technology Work for You
  • Flexible rental/lease plans designed to fit your budget
  • Unrivaled in-store support


Power Truck Series features:

  • Designed to mobilize pallet racking and heavier loads
  • Move entire warehouse racking runs with NO unloading or de-merchandising
  • Rack and pinion lifting mechanism operated by standard ½” ratchet
  • Each lifting unit has weight capacity of up to 1 ton.
  • Casters designed to maximize mobility and will NOT mark the floor
  • Minimal 5”-6” flue space required so you can get into tight spots
  • This series can fit between back to back warehouse racking with ease
  • Power Truck can do the job where others fail

The Power Truck Series is commonly used within the following industries:

  • Home Centers
  • Appliance Stores
  • Warehouses
  • Distribution Centers
  • Truck Terminals


Used for:

  • All types Warehouse Racking

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